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The easiest way to manage your website.

Edit Text and
Update Photos

Promote your latest offerings. Update your portfolio. Add photos, news and more.


Edit everything inline, directly on the page where it lives.

Fast and Secure

A cloud-hosted, turn-key solution supported by a local team.

Local Support

When you need help, your dedicated team is a phone call away.

Bold, Clean Design Inspires Trust

People judge your business by its website. What is it saying about you?

Bold, clean web design attracts new customers, increases conversions, and helps retain loyal customers.

Whether you are looking for a new web design or a redesign of an existing site, our team will create for you a custom website, honed to your business and marketing goals. From layout and site navigation to the visual elements such as photos, colors and typography we will help you tell your story in a way that will appeal to the customers most important to your business.

Whether you are looking to build a new website or wanting a website redesign, we'll work with you to craft a unique and stunning site, one that suits your needs and helps you meet your online marketing goals.

“A truly professional-class website with the ease of an etch-a-sketch.”

Business Coach Shannon Post


“It has rocketed us to the top of the Google results.”

Leif Jackson, Jackson Remodeling

Search Engine Optimization is always evolving. Fighting for your top spot in the rankings requires frequent updates and occasional pivots.

The Easy Update System makes it easy to watch your traffic and manage your SEO strategy. Optimize your content, meta tags and urls. Update your search keywords to respond to an ever-changing marketplace, or to emphasize new areas of work. Change direction on a dime.

With People CMS you’re in the driver’s seat.

If you're serious about SEO, the it's the perfect SEO-friendly content management platform. Everything you need is right here:

edit title tags
and meta tags

publish new

optimize your

photos and
alt tags


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Easy Site Updates

No Webmaster. No wordpress Templates.

Promote your newest offering. Highlight an upcoming event. Show off a gallery of your latest work.

The Easy Update System puts you back in the driver’s seat. There’s no software required, no webmaster to call.

This fully-managed, cloud-hosted content management system is the simplest on earth. If you can use Word, you can update your site.

It’s weirdly easy.


Our clients love People CMS